Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In Finnish the word ihana means wonderful, beautiful, lovely. Which is what this book my friend Sini recently bought is. It doesn't seem to be available in English, but maybe I'll get one for Christmas, since as we all know, Santa lives in Finland.

photos from annujaliinu

Friday, October 16, 2009

That 90s Girl

Most of my regular readers already know all too well about how much I love the 90s. It may be a slightly unnatural love, given that one is never supposed to again appreciate the era one come of age during, but as Angela Chase would say, whatever. As far as I'm concerned, the 90s never really ended. I mean, did floral dresses become uncool, or hats, or combat boots, or Sleater Kinney, or flannel shirts, or reading Bastard Out of Carolina ? I think not.

Since fall is here now I am going to list my favorite 90s trends, because the 90s definitely felt like one long, rainy fall, what with all the layering, and over-size things and the need to wear woolly hats everywhere.

Plaid. Layering flannel shirts, and pretty much everything else in your closet, still works too. Scrunchies not so much, but thanks for playing AA.

Overalls. Enough said, they go with like everything in your closet.
Tie-dye. Thank you for reviving this long lost handicraft, and thus saving my poverty-stricken teenage years, 90s.
Improbable and (at least on me) impractical hairstyles; the short, the fire truck red, and the dreadlocked alike. (What? It's a total fall trend. Hot hair prevents hat hair. Hat hair was a big problem in the 90s.)

Those ubiquitous hats (and flannel. and combat boots. and a nirvana tee). Yeah that's right, Naomi Campbell is wearing a hat. Read nothing into her expression. Unless you take your style-ques from her. In which case: stop reading this.
Floral dresses, preferably in crushed velvet.
Vests. Great for layering, right Brandon?
Combat boots. Floral ones. In my youth any girl worth her (Veruca) salt, knew how many holed
combats she was kicking around in.

There's also small denim jackets, peace signs, parkas, 70s puffy winter coats, A-line button-front miniskirts (that's a mouthful), messenger bags, rucksacks, and anoraks to love, but I only have so much patience and googling is bad for the environment.

What's your favorite 90s trend, or whatever?

(And don't forget the giveaway!)


eagerly finding a nest by amalia chimera.

In honor of the fall and my lovely readers and just because I feel like it, I'm hereby declaring a giveaway for my beloved readers of my both blogs. A package, thrifted by yours truly, can be yours if you give me suggestions, questions, comments, in this post.

You can enter twice by doing the same on my other blog, once I have the time to do a giveaway post there. The winner will be announced on All-Hallows-Eve, and entry closes by midnight the night before (October 30th).

photo by the amazing: amaliachimera

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

...when I first saw you I knew you had a flame in your heart.

I'm starting a petition to get the wonderful Jenny of hellojenuine (and What I Wore Today-fame) to start selling these in poster-size, preferably. Who's with me now?
itunes a-z by hellojenuine.
(Make me a custom Mariee Sioux, Jenny, I'll pay anything. Anything.)