Thursday, August 26, 2010


Whenever I have to buy something big, or possibly expensive, like Thai-food, bobby-pins, or razor-blade cartridges, I take a little trip to the big, busy Island to the North. Okay, really it's not that big, but it sure seems that way with its masses of retired tourists from California, its fancy nick-nack-store fronts, the general atmosphere of wealth and conservativeness. Not to mention you actually have to look both ways when crossing a street.

There are some advantages to big town clamor. Namely, a thrift house worthy of a mention in the blog of the illustrious Siri Thorson (no wonder it's been so empty lately...), a wondrous unused bookstore, who's buyers have excellent taste, good coffee shops, magazine exchange, a movie theatre, simply different sights, like this here haunted looking house.

There's also a wee antique mall, which is set up in a real fun way.
Captain Jinx Of The Horse Marines?
Could this be the illustrious Captain Jinx Of The Horse Marines, that Pa always sings about?
Pig War Heroes
Why no, it's Captain George Pickett, a Pig War Hero.
Shirts with china
Nancy Pants
Then there's always Nancy Drew.
Lost any?
And the place where the lost marbles go.
Sew Sew Sow
For all the time you can while away at the mall, there's a place that takes an even bigger chunk of money and time to wander through: The Most Amazing Little Bookstore By The Sea, Serendipity Books, the seller and trader of marvelous used books.
I could practically live here, among these cleverly arranged shelves.
Creative organizing
The Leaning Tower
It's a small space, but they make the most of it.
PoetryDot dot
Books on the walls, books on top of things, books lining the floor...
I certainly like to haunt these isles, along with many locals.
As a bonus, there's always a little uncrowded section to take pictures in. Heather has been raving about Sear's Jr.'s dresses, and now I have one too, from Raggedythreads.
Heart flowers
That pretty much covers the things I spend money on: used clothes and books.
How fascinating!

Monday, August 23, 2010

More Charlie More (He's got it going on)

Folks, this is what happens when you have about a million posts to make, and you're too busy to make them for two whole weeks: THE ATTACK OF THE TEN FOOT MONSTER POST.
Last you heard of me, I had a cold, and was debating wether to go the Bonnie Prince Billie concert on the mainland. No brainer. Of course we did. The way I managed to get sick, was that C. got sick and I, in my fresh juice and healthy livin' hubris somehow thought I was immune to what ever bug he had. On Saturday I even went to the annual barn dance (still no pics, maybe next year).

We scratched the camping trip, sadly sending Nick and Talu out on their own, and agreed to rendez-vous with them on Tuesday in Bellingham. C. and I spent an uneventful two days watching movies, hanging out and me learning to drive.

Then on Monday night tragedy struck! I started feeling very sniffly and feverish.

My Kind of Farm
Undeterred, I bundled up in my big shawl and insisted on visiting the BreadFarm in Bow, just off the freeway in the valley.
Welcome to breadfarm
Nothing is ever open when we visit Bow, but it's the cutest little town, and worth stopping by just for BreadFarm's delicious Tonasket Rye.
Ducky Lumpster
I'd love to get inside this little recycle store one of these days.
Backyard Splendor
They have the most interesting window displays and backyard.
Sea level
I have no idea what this little place is, but it looked really interesting.
Aladdin's cave
Thankfully the antiques row in Bellingham is always open when we go, AND C. discovered the used boat part store, truly the only place I could not find a single thing I cared for. (I usually do well in hardware stores and the like.)
Cup and girl
Doily for you
Bogie and me
In spite the delirious two hour tour of Aladdin's Cave, I found not a single thing I felt I needed. One of the reasons I love antique malls is that they're like layman museums, where you can browse endlessly, if you so desire.
the cup-etaria
Aladdin's however was more like a fun-house. Behold the first ever from the mirror outfit shot in the history of this blog:
Who's the crazy troll
C.'s practicing his angry troll look. Hot for the fall season.
Willow! Wiiiillooow!
Willooow! Willoow!
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Poster that mysteriously disappeared shortly afte this picture was taken.
Sniffles outfit
Yours truly in her gig-outfit, which was overly warm for the weather. Going for the practical, I decided against my previous BPB-dress and went with this little number that Missa brought me from Portland (?) when they came to visit last year.
Island Life (Day 2) In the Forest
(Man I look preggo in this pic!)
Lovely as it was it had rounded sleeves that made it hard to wear with the requisite Pacific Northwest cardis and jackets, so I removed those and took one tier off to make it shorter. It is the pretties pattern and comfiest cut so I'm happy to have made it extra wearable. Thanks again Missakin.
Add one of my butterflies, s**t kicking boots (bartered from my friend Sona), the big Russian scarf from mama, trusty denim jacket and Dump bag and I was ready. To down a bunch of whisky and beers to try to keep my cold off.
There is a light
I was only able to stay awake on the strength of the drinks, but what really cured me, was the giant plate of cheese fries we had next door after the show. They were so gross, yet so yummy.
Take a bow
After sleeping for a few hours in the back of the Volvo, I was ready to head to work. The next night I felt well enough to go out again, and a good thing too because the amazing Dovekins, whom we saw when my mom was here, brought their crazy/wicked energy back to the Island.
the most
Watch for these guys playing near your homestead, they f***ing rock!
Acoustically, no less. They have such a beautiful, wild vibe. There was a very decent crowd, all my home girls and boys and awesome dancing.
Plaid lover anonymous
Not to mention red plaid anonymous. Next meeting soon?
Art By Laine
Check out this awesome poster drawn up by the lovely and talented Laine. It mysteriously disappeared after this picture was taken. Sadly (for you) I'm always more interested in dancing than taking photos and video, but luckily you can join in on the fun.
For us this magical night did not, however end with the last call. Instead we rowed (well the boys did, Talu and I just sat in the stern and giggled) home Nick's old rowboat, watching the phosphorescent in the glassy water, and the shooting meteors coming down from the sky.
It couldn't have been a more perfect night.

Now speaking of perfect nights, you California girls and boys have a chance to have one when Elephant Revival comes to Santa Cruz, Berkeley and Arcate in two weeks! Now if there's anyone out there who wants a free ticket to one of the shows, and has time to put some posters up this week email me at

Join the Elephant Revival Street Team and you'll make my friend Sue very very happy!

Rock on till the next post my loves!