Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Day In November

Weather over sea
Every time the rains return, which is pretty much every other day, I'm always kind of bummed with myself for not going on a longer walks/stargazing/fall cleaning in garden when the weather was nice.
Which is totally silly, because I was doing other things like working and going to yoga and dance practice.

I have a lot of this kind of weird guilt about stuff I'm not doing, even as I'm doing other, equally important things. Guilt about not writing when I'm gardening, guilt about not gardening when when I'm writing, guilt about not reading when I'm doing yoga. Wow. That sounds really silly now that I wrote it down. Anybody else ever experience this?
sleeping on papa's coat
Today I took it super-easy, reading favorite zines and magazines and blogs and planning exciting Finn-meals. I even drank coffee, a rare treat (unless I'm in California at Missa's house! ;)
morning light
The morning brought a Christmas package from my mom with Finnish magazines, chocolates, tights (how mom!) and an advent calendar, right on time for the first of December.
moomin friends
The other package was an early present for myself, a new moon calendar from Jen Lorag's awesome shop.
We are bleeding next year
I had one this year too and not only is it an amazing women's health tool, it's pretty as a blossom too. Since I was already paying for shipping, I couldn't resist adding one of her Tarot patches of my favorite card The Star. That completes my "wise-woman corner" courtesy of Missa, with a God's eye that she made, a tiny St. Frida Kahlo altar, a Blessed Virgin tile and a pine tree tile. Pretty stoked.
Spiritual Window
I love Jen's thank you note, don't you?
Supporting Witches in business
 Of the beaten track
Not to be deterred by the rain, I went for a little walkabout, with my new waxed (and thus water resistant!) canvas Barnacle Bag rucksack from my friend Lissa. Click on the link to follow Lissa's adventures. I often forget about her blog, since I get to see her in person, but she has such a great eye for photos and finding the beautiful in the ordinary.
I've been a fan of her bags for a long time, but have been biding my time for the right idea and style of fabric and when I saw this red striped one I knew it had to be mine. Actually I was quite torn between it and a blue polkadot one, but I'm now that I have it so happy with my choice.
My bag is in a new style she's developing, with leather straps with studs instead of cotton and snaps, lighter weight canvas and canvas straps too. I love it. It's awesome to know what you have something that will last through the seasons, for years to come. I feel lucky to know such an awesome artisan. So long canvas totes, see you in the summer!
Big friends
It was so fun to wander in the woods in the rain, with water dripping of the trees and everything humming with it. There are mushrooms everywhere!
they are umbrellas They don't have umbrellas Ravine
The woods are so bare this time of year, with the thicket dying down, that you can actually see through them, follow the forms of the land and perhaps even wander off the trail.
middle size friends
drinks and treats
On rainy days we drink so much tea. Just cup after cup. Floral tea, women's tea, rooibos, peppermint...
 a day
With more free time on my hands, I've been trying to experiment more with cooking different things and really challenge myself. I love cooking for my family, but since my husband is a good, uncomplaining eater, I often find myself making the same favorite dishes over and over.
This measuring cup saves me
So today, as I was asking if he could pick up some bread from town, it occurred to me that perhaps I ought to just make some. Finnish cookbook in hand I successfully turned out potato flatbreads, or perunarieska. In spite, of course, our silly American oven and baking sheets. Four years in this country and baking with propane still perplexes me. Maybe I'm the silly one?
Happy guilt-free rainy days, friends!
It's raining on Orcas!
Ps. Lissa is hosting a sweet handmade goods giveaway on her blog. You can check it out here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Rainbows

Speaking of light, guess what magical phenomenon greeted us on the shore on Sunday morning?
I've mentioned many times that one of the pleasures of living on an island, is being able to watch weather travel over us in ever changing patterns. Dramatic cloud-formations, fearsome gusts of wind, rain like curtains advancing over the sky, a theatre of the elements.

A vivid rainbow like this one, is a special treat to see, drawing the eye from everyday things to the sky.

I took the rainbow as a good omen, since I've been very drawn to its spectrum of prism colors lately (hair color idea?).
My favorite winter thing is to take small walks on the beach, collect things or just sit on a log and see who comes to visit.
That day, we saw not only the rainbow, but later, a seal, a kingfisher, a heron, a bold eagle, crows, seagulls...You can find four of these in pictured here.
                                       Skirt-gift from Missa
                                         Shirt, belt-thrifted
                                Tights, Boots-gift from my Mama
                                        Necklaces-made by me
                              New Favorite Scarf-gift from Nicole

It's getting to be too cold to take outfit shots of one's under layers. It makes me feel pretty silly to be standing in a T-shirt on the shore when there's frost on the ground.

Rainbows everywhere...I was excited to make this little necklace from some colored crystals. Jewelry-making has been really inspiring for me as the weather turns and the nights get longer. It's fun to finally have guilt-free craft and writing time. Not to mention reading. I've completed more books in the last month than all of spring and summer.
IMG_2102 IMG_2105
And, whenever it's not raining, a sunny day outdoors seems like a gift. Winter has an enjoyable balance of staying in and running around in the woods. In the summer I always feel guilty when I just want to stay in...
And then there were two. There's no end to exciting skies, it seems.
I hope you guys don't mind short, silly posts without much insight, it's the mood I'm in right now. Enjoying and exploring, not really mulling over as much. That, of course, is as changeable as the weather...

Hope your week is also full of amazing natural phenomenon! Peace, love and rainbows!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cups of Nettle Kisses

While there are so many things to be grateful for this time of year, full stomach, warmth, family, home, all things that seem particularly precious when the rains come and the cold winds start blowing into our shores, there is one mundane, everyday thing I'm particularly grateful to bask in: light.
With the darkening days of winter drawing close, I feel like I notice the little light there is even more; candles, fairy-lights, firelight, bedside lamps and lit-up windows...
Thanksgiving weekend has been busy around here, but there's been so much light.
We had a little winter-season opening at the shop, with our friends Kyra and Lindsey selling countless pots their Sealeaf Tea. We're hoping these girls start selling these and other awesome blends soon, for tea-lovers at home, but in the meantime I hope there will be plenty of events for them to ply their trade. Nothing warms you up like a cup of herbal tea on a cold night.
IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1754
The shop was all pretty and decked out and lit up and friends and visitors dropped by to check out goods and sample teas.
IMG_1790  IMG_1755
For forty years now, our community has held a Thanksgiving Celebration that anyone and everyone can come to at the old Grange Hall. Part of the fun is you never know who all is going to be there and who you're going to end up sitting with, which is quite different from a traditional family celebration.
 This year C. and I were "The Turkeys", who's job it is to set up the hall, roast a turkey and do all the little jobs that need to get done for a successful party.
Sixty something folks showed up, shared gratitude and ate a delicious potluck meal in the rosemary-scented hall. Even our first attempt at a turkey turned out a success, not that I had anything to do with it.
One craft fair and a house that looks like someone detonated a bomb in it later, I'm happy to get back to normal for a little while, light some candles and eat left-over pumpkin pie.
How was your holiday?

ps. I'm sorry I haven't had time to visit with you all, as soon as I recovered from being sick it was time to start preparing for this three day extravaganza, but I loo forward to all the lovely posts I know are waiting for me.