Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fireweed and Nettle

Five years ago today I wrote the first, tentative entry into this blog, but since we already talked about that,  I want to commemorate this momentous occasion by announcing a bit of good news and a giveaway! 
It's a time of transitions. Spring is on her way and things are shifting. Everything gets really old and soggy for a while, last year's worn-down loose ends need tying and then, spring! New sprouting seedlings, spring rain (and lots of it), new ideas, conversations, pursuits...
Today also was my last official day at my job, I'm getting ready to go on a trip, and when I come back I'm going to focus my energies on a few other directions.
I'm working on a couple of movies I'm planning to make myself, which I'm super excited about.  One is a super8 short and the other a kind of joint fiction short/ documentary, based on real local lore, but which I'm going to mine for my own stories. I also have some ideas for a couple of  really tiny films just for fun.  I haven't made movies in years and for the first time, the prospect actually sounds appealing.
My friends and I will be keeping our store going for another year and I'll be selling my stuff on a few other places too.
IMG_5107 IMG_5111
Including opening my very own etsy shop! It won't be open for another month or so, until I get back from my trip, but since it's our anniversary, dear reader, I thought I'd have a little giveaway for you.
So leave a comment to this post and you'll automatically be entering a giveaway for one pair of leather feather-earrings in any color of the rainbow of your choice, or just these plain one's I'm sporting.
I'll draw out the winner next week from my travels and once the shop is open, you'll get the first shot at perusing my "shelves".  Till then, happy anniversary!
ps. It really pays off to have a super-talented sister. just sayin'. Or what do you think of this?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A wild place.

You know what's weird about people and camping, hiking and the great outdoors? 

It seems that it doesn't much matter where you live, if you have it in you, you long for somewhere wilder.  Somewhere clear and empty of roads and houses and other people. Somewhere in the elements, where you have to gather firewood, make shelter and go to sleep shortly after sunset.

Sometimes you simply live in the city and long for the country, the fields, the woods, the hills. But at others you already live in the woods, a little town in the mountains, or say an island in the Salish Sea, a place already faraway and distant and a little wild in most people's imagination.

Because, sometimes wild in our world means a place where people don't have smart phones, or where the population density is less than a certain number per square mile (although to be honest this island has about 28 times the population density of my home country-no wonder I sometimes feel claustrophobic), where the land drops into the sea and seals come visit.

I wonder if people feel that way in more distant, isolated places, if C's cousins on Kodiak Island in Alaska, still long for the wild places, away from what seems marginal civilization from down here.
While you can have your wild place almost anywhere: an empty lot full of fireweed, a small swath of old growth forest between homesteads and roads, a grove of trees in the heart of a city, there are places that are wilder than others, more distant and rough and desolate.

They are places where we let our ordinary selves fall away. Our busy, harried, achieving, anxious selves... They are places where our internet-dwelling, house-dwelling, car-driving, school-going selves give way to an ancient self, the one that cares little for nothing but heat and nourishment, that is amused by the movement of the sky, that washes itself in tide-pools and sleeps under the stars.

We have to go these places because our ancient self, buried somewhere under the layers of civilization beckons us, begs us to go to them. We need them whether we know it or not.
Just as chopping wood, or gathering wild foods can be a revelation to a city-dweller, so is the open sky through which the elements move, the wet-smoky fires, the bear running ahead of you on the trail to all of us. It reminds us of who we really are, under all those table manners and flushing toilets and written words. Beasts, beautiful glorious beasts...

We go to these places to lose ourselves and to find ourselves. We go to them to find that we are as simple as we are complicated.
We go to find solitude. And companionship.
And to receive gifts we did not ask for.
We go to them to be in the presence of other animals.
We go to them, to risk our limbs and sometimes lives, in a world drunk on eternal youth and eternal life, a world where no one is allowed to get hurt, or suffer, or die in our sight, unless it's on TV.
IMG_7247 IMG_7244
We go, because mountains are for climbing, forests are for getting lost in and freezing rivers are for crossing.
IMG_7242  IMG_7239 IMG_7236
We go because we want to make fire, make food under the stars, with the wolves of our imagination nipping at our heels.
IMG_7194 IMG_7191
We go to remember when we still lived like this, a hundred, a thousand years ago, in rooms without doors, or sometimes walls, with the sky as our roof and moss as our bed.
IMG_7277 IMG_7322
We go, because we need an excuse to indulge our true loves, an excuse to read, or dip in the freezing ocean in the middle of the day, or to just stare out in the vastness of the sea and the sky.

Because we need to stop and stare and then rush on down the beach in an endless search of new rocks and strangely shaped pieces of wood to marvel at and discard.
IMG_7306 IMG_7302
We go to remember scarcity and to live out of a small stuff sack and long for the land of plenty and feel utterly satisfied by a few eggs and some mealy cakes.
We go to marvel at the taste of pepper again.
To remember that light is divine. That it gives us life. That in the darkness strange, starving spirits seem to move.
We go to see the moon, the sun and the stars.
IMG_7342 IMG_7356 IMG_7349
We go to watch the sunset in its entirety.
IMG_7358IMG_7339 IMG_7341 IMG_7344
These places remind us of so many things we remember on some cellular level; how sharp and inconvenient the world is, how hungry, how unpredictable.
What it feels like to be cold and wet and utterly alone.
Where stories come from and how to tell them.
To pray to gods we have long since forgotten.
IMG_7368 IMG_7369
We go to these places because we belong to them. They do not belong to us. They do just fine.
And we would do well to remember that.
Where do you go?

Ps. These images are from our Solstice trip to the Olympic Peninsula this summer.  Sorry about the 2000 pictures of my sweetie, but he's been gone away for a little while on his own adventure and I miss him. Plus, he's like, super photogenic, right?