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  1. Hi there! I love your photos! I'd be honored if you would consider posting about this social media campaign we started just three days ago. It's the Supermodel Astronaut Challenge which encourages women and girls to embrace the statement "I am enough" and quiet the voice of the media inside their heads. We are encouraging them to recognize how much negative self talk is a result of being constantly exposed to the unattainable ideals presented by the media. There is a fun music video with the basic message and I also wrote a Supermodel Astronaut Manifesto explaining in depth the challenges women and girls face in today's culture. Our point is that REAL women and girls are Supermodel Astronauts for all they do each and every day and if we can stop focusing so much on what we think we SHOULD be, it will free up a lot of head space to celebrate what we ARE.

    You can find out more here:

    And here is the manifesto:

    Thank you so much!
    Ellen Tift
    Worldwide Groove Corporation

  2. I discovered your site last week and was inspired by your title. I made a mental note to go back to it over the weekend when I had more time to enjoy your posts. I came upon this instead. I thought you'd enjoy it since you love bears too. Thanks for your blogs.


  3. No sé si entiendes el español. En cualquier caso, mejor que si escribo en inglés...¡Mi inglés es TERRIBLE!. Llegué a tu blog por casualidad y me quedé por afinidad. ¡Me ha gustado mucho!. Vivo en una ciudad, pero añoro una vida en los bosques que me imagino mucho más real y libre. Y conozco esa zona de Estados Unidos donde estás, estuve en Seattle de viaje hace años y también dos veces en Oregón. Ojalá algún día pueda volver...He dicho que había llegado hasta aquí por casualidad, pero quizás me han traído las huellas de un oso, porque yo también escribí sobre eso en mi blog hace unos meses:
    Un saludo. Seguiré leyendo tus aventuras. :)

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  5. I love your blog! My niece Katie directed it to me.

    I run a community discussion group on Google+ if you want to join. Always looking for creative input (novels, films, journalism, stories) about nature in literature and the arts. Living environmentally sound and respecting local and traditional foods and crafts is awesome. Join us if you want: