Big Mouth Strikes Again!

Hi, and welcome to the official The Girl Who Married A Bear Blanket Disclaimer About Hurting Your Feelings.

You may find a link to this notice accompanying a post in which I express some personal opinions that I worry may annoy, upset, or even alienate some of my readers.

I've always been very pleased, grateful and not-a-little- proud of how kind, well-informed and intelligent the readers of this blog are. There's pretty much never (I can remember one!) any negative comments, but often lively conversation and even constructive criticism.

Whether it be "Thanks, great post!", or an in depth counter-argument, I appreciate each and every one of your responses.

What  I'd like you guys to consider when reading and replying to these posts, is that I am not an expert on any of the topics I write about. I'm just a gal with a lot of opinions and a slightly obsessive streak when it comes to being well-informed on the issues I care about.

For better or, worse, I also have a life-log penchant for going against the grain and an almost compulsive need to assess dominant paradigms for myself. I'm a real rebel, eh? James Dean is quivering in his boots...

Know that I'm also a big fan of morals, acting on your beliefs and looking at any given topic from as many perspectives as possible (as an opposite just one's own, limited view) before making judgements. Oh and that sometimes I f*** up royally on these principles...

If you think that the way I'm writing about something is too obvious, or too general, or I didn't include enough background, it is likely because from what I've inferred about my readership's knowledge on the topic, or the availability of google-able information on the topic. Don't be afraid to ask questions, or school me.

While these kinds of posts often receive fewer comments, they do get a huge number of individual page-views,  which is fine, but don't be afraid to get into the fray and voice your own thoughts.

Please know that while these issues are close to my heart/ of interest to me, I also write about them for you, the reader, either because some of you requested a topic, or because I feel that it's so incredibly important that folks know about something, that even my (let's not kid ourselves) tiny influence in the world is needed.

I also ask you to remember, if/when I manage to do my "job" well and make your blood boil, that this is my blog and these are my opinions. If something I write hurts your feelings, try to explain this to me as eloquently as you can. That way we may both learn something. You can do so in an email, if a comment is too public. Please be kind, constructive, thoughtful, and above all, passionate.

I'll try to do the same.



  1. I wondered what that new little tab about big mouth meant. HA! Now I know. Good, we can be big mouths together. I am not so much opinionated as i am unable to keep whatever crap is going on in my my head; that is my big mouth style. I look forward to some controversy. xo

    1. I love you Teeny. You're pretty much the best.

  2. I've been loosely following ( and loving and admiring and drooling over...) your blog for a while now. I followed this link from your new space, having never read your disclaimer, and now I love you even more. You go girl...err...Woman!

    1. Thanks Mandi! This is such a sweet, darling comment. You go girl…err Woman…err AWESOME PERSON!!! <3